What will I buy?-Colourpop x Disney

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Hello guys!  Welcome back to my blog.  Today we’re going to be telling you what I’m planning to buy from Colourpop’s new (limited edition) collection in collaboration with Disney.  Launches today, September 28, at 10am PST.  It includes: an eyeshadow palette called It’s a Princess Thing ($20), 6 Super Shock Shadows ($7 each), 3 Ultra Glossy Lips ($6 each), 6 Lux Lipsticks ($7 each), and 2 Super Shock Highlighters ($8 each).  PR Box ($120) doesn’t include the highlighters and 2 of the shadows (Under the sea, Heigh-Ho).

  • Photos from trendmood’s Instagram page.
  • Highlighter’s photos from Colourpop’s website

I’m beyond excited for this collection, it looks beautiful and it’s Colourpop so I know they will perform amazingly.  Also, it’s affordable.  If I could I would buy the entire collection, but I can’t.  So, I told myself I would just buy a few things (because it’s limited edition).  When I first saw the items in the collection I decided I wouldn’t get the eyeshadow palette because I have too many palettes.  Instead I was going to buy two Super Shock Shadows and two Lux Lipsticks (I love this formula so much).

But after watching a few reviews of the collection, I decided I was going to add one more Lux Lipstick to my list.  So, the two Super Shock Shadows I’m intending to buy is Under the Sea and A Whole New World.  As for the Lux Lipsticks, I want Ariel, Belle and Tiana.  If I succeed in my buying intentions, I will let you know what I think of the products.

In the meantime, are you getting anything from this collection or any of the new products in the market?


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I'm just a girl born and raised in Puerto Rico (still living here). I have a passion for makeup, skincare and jewelry making. In fact, I have a business where I sell the jewelry I make on Instagram, and I recently finished my Master's Degree. I've been like a chicken with my head off looking for something to do, aside from my business. So, I decided to create this blog for reviewing products, because I LOVE trying new things. I hope you enjoy and decide to stay here for a little while.

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