7 Looks, 1 Eyeshadow Palette-Pérsona Identity Palette

Hi guys! Welcome to another post on the serie “7 Looks, 1 Eyeshadow Palette”, where I show you 7 different eye looks using only one palette. For this one, I’m showing you what a came up for the Identity palette from the brand Pérsona. This palette retails for $32 and includes 12 shades (6 mattes and 6 shimmers). It’s quite neutral and that makes it perfect for an everyday use (if you like neutral looks, of course). The formula of the shadows is amazing, real pigmented with butter-like softness. Now let’s get started with the makeup!

Image result for persona identity palette

Here are the looks I created

Charming, Maverick, Bombshell, Sassy, Humble.
Audacious, Maverick, Goddess, Sassy, Humble.
Audacious, Fearless, Bossy, Goal Digger, Humble.
Charming, Maverick, Goal Digger, Sassy.
Maverick, Chic, Seductive, Sassy, Humble.
Chic, Fearless, Sassy, Goal Digger, Humble.
Audacious, Fearless, Chic, Bombshell, Humble.

I tried to use all the colors, so you could see them. Tell me which combinations you like making with this palette.

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